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Invest from £1k+ in hand-picked startups

We’re building Europe's largest syndicate of founders, operators, angels and VCs. Come join us on the journey and invest in hand-picked early stage European tech startups.

How To Join


Submit an application to join the Syndicate. It takes around 2 minutes.

Receive Dealflow

If accepted, you’ll start receiving dealflow for every deal we syndicate.


We’ve partnered with an infrastructure provider to make it super easy to invest.

Our Criteria

Here’s What We Look For In Deals We Syndicate

Out of the hundreds of deals we see every month, we pick 1 or 2 to syndicate.

European Deals

Startups that are HQ'd in Europe, whether in London, Lisbon, or Vilnius!

Early Stage

We’ll primarily syndicate Pre-Seed & Seed deals. Occasionally we may secure access to later stage SPVs.

Sector Agnostic

Fintech, Edtech, Deep Tech, any tech! We invest in tech focused and enabled startups, not so much pure D2C.

Exceptional Team

We look for founders that are intent on changing the world, true forces of nature.

Strong Co-Investors

We’re usually a small part of a much larger round, so we always look for strong co-investors.

Compelling Traction

We don't normally invest in deals that are just a pitch deck; we like to see some indication of market and/or product traction.

Scout deals, earn carry

If you refer a startup to Landscape that the Syndicate ends up investing in, you’ll earn a whopping 50% of our carried interest 🤯


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