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Really liked the transparency of their pitch process and their promise to respond to every pitch received, which is why we chose them as the first Pre-Seed fund we applied to in order to get a better feel of where our pitch deck was at before casting our net wider. True to their word (and unlike many others claiming to do the same) within a week we had a response and an invitation to an initial meeting, which is where things went a little south. Midway through the 30 min intro call it became very apparent the interviewer hadn't read our pitch deck at all (not even 1 minute skim through) and time was spent/wasted covering points and retreading information already in the deck. Stage, traction, customer validation etc. and as such it felt like the majority of the call wasn't really spent getting to know the team better or digging into topics related to our business in any depth. A day later, after their weekly team meeting we received a soft no saying to get in touch again if we managed to hit larger scale traction. Given data related to current traction was clearly presented in the deck, overall the experience felt like a bit of a wasted opportunity on both sides to us, especially in comparison to other subsequent VC intro meetings.

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I'm very sorry you had a less than excellent experience with us. It would be helpful for me to find out a little more so we can make sure we improve. Can you please get in touch on