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OpenScout helps you monetise your investor introductions. Start earning cash & equity for the startups you work hard to source and support, and build your reputation as a top talent spotter in venture.

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How it Works

Build your track record as a top
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Insightful Memos

Provide insightful analysis on the companies you scout and show investors you're thoughtful in your scouting activities.

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Climb the Leaderboards

Climb various scout leaderboards, from most deals scouted, to most deals funded, and build your reputation as a top venture scout.

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Interaction Tracker

Get notified when investors interact with startups you source, and understand why they pass on certain deals. Build relationships with investors.

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Why do I have to apply?

We run an application process to ensure a high quality of scouts on the platform. High quality scouts usually means high quality deals, and that's exactly what the investor side of the OpenScout marketplace are looking for. We'll usually let you know within 2 weeks if your application was successful, and you can reapply again any time.

How do you select scouts?

Our scout application form is designed to discern primarily how you access exciting startups and what you look for in an interesting startup. We also regularly onboard new scouts that match the investment interests of the investors we bring onboard. For instance, if we onboard a handful of climate tech VCs, we will then extend invites to scouts that see climate deals shortly after).

How do I earn from this?

It's totally free to scout on OpenScout. OpenScout operates on a model whereby founders that successfully raise through the platform pay a success fee, and we split that success fee 50:50 with you, the scout. If the startup you scouted consents, you can choose to re-invest your success fee back into the company.