Landscape Lists 21 Mar, 2022

🏆 Top 20 European Seed Investors 🌱

We used a range of self-reported rating factors from founders to come up with our top 20 seed investors list. These factors include but are not limited to, an investor’s approachability, professionalism, and level of supportiveness.

We have excluded any investor with less than 10 reviews out of our ranking. While every review on our platform is valuable, we believe a sample size of fewer than 10 reviews does not give a holistic enough representation of an investor, and thus not sufficient for the investor to be considered for the list. In the future, as Landscape grows and we get even more reviews for a wide range of investors, this threshold may change.

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Landscape Lists are powered 💯 % by anonymous reviews submitted by amazing founders. We'll be updating the lists regularly, so submit a review and have your say on who the best investors in the European ecosystem are 🤜 🤛