Adam Barlow

Adam Barlow

Operations & Partnerships Lead

I grew up in the in the UK in a city called Wolverhampton. I studied Geography at the University of Cambridge and then spent two years as a graduate trying, but failing, to figure out what to do with my life.

During this period I worked numerous odd jobs to keep my bank balance from falling below the red line, eventually reaching a f*ck it moment where I started my own company. It grew to a size I was somewhat proud of but it no longer quenched my desire for a sense of fulfilment and purpose.

So I upped sticks and moved to Berlin where I joined Entrepreneur First. I then left EF to join Landscape as the first full-time hire as ‘Growth & Community lead’ but, in practice, holding a much more holistic and generalist role.

And that’s about it. Other interests include music (duh I live in Berlin), reading, arts, doing my best to be present, philosophical discussions about all the usual sorts of crap and spending as much time as possible around the people I love.