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European State of Tech 2021

We partnered up with Atomico's renowned annual European State of Tech report last year, by contributing Landscape's proprietary data set. What does the European state of tech look like as of late 2021? How did the fundraising environment evolve? And what's on the founders' minds? Take a look at this report and find out more!

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More Than Money Report

The More Than Money report is the first of its kind to investigate ‘value add’. It brings together insights from over 500 founders and investors to uncover what works and what doesn’t. Do VCs offer value-add? Do they follow through? And crucially, does the value-add offered match what founders are looking for?

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Demystifying VC Term Sheets

The report provides insights from 200+ global venture capital investors, with over £11 billion in assets under management investing in over 1,000 deals per year, on the typical terms they offer founders. It’s the first time many of these investors have contributed to such a comprehensive analysis of their typical terms!

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