This is what drives us

We want to make fundraising better for everyone

We want to increase fairness, accessibility and transparency in startup funding, and we'd love your help to do it. We've kickstarted with our review platform, but we've got a whole bunch more planned. Here are some of the goals that guide us as we move forward 👇


Increasing Transparency in Fundraising

The fundraising ecosystem is so opaque. Founders often have no idea who they are going into business with, and information asymmetry means founders often get the wrong end of a bad deal.


Supporting Founders on their Journey

Building a startup is an insanely hard job. We want to support founders in any way possible as they navigate their journey. We've started this with our Anonymous Founder support community - watch this space for more 👀


Championing Brilliant Investors

We know that there are some incredible investors in the ecosystem that go above and beyond to help companies they both do and don't fund. We want to champion these folk, and help them connect with awesome founders.

We're only just getting started

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