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OpenScout allows institutional and angel investors in early stage startups to access the dealflow of a global network of 500+ venture scouts.

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Meet our Venture Scouts

The OpenScout network covers every stage, sector, and geography. Out of thousands of scout applications we pick the best of the best, and they share every deal they come across through OpenScout.

Networked Founders

Founders know founders. Whether prominent early stage, or exited unicorn founders, discover their dealflow on OpenScout.

Prolific Angels

Follow some of the top angel investors in the earliest stage companies across the globe, and get an insight into what they're funding.

Market Experts

Sector specialists, industry experts, academic researchers, all routing their dealflow through OpenScout.

Community Leaders

Leaders of communities, identifying the best dealflow from their community, and sharing on OpenScout.

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Global Dealflow

Our scouts cover every geography you can imagine, helping you uncover deals you wouldn't normally see.

Relevancy Engine

Our propietary relevancy engine ensures you only see deals relevant to your investment thesis.

1-Click Founder Intros

Get connected to founders of fundraising startups at the click of a button, easy peasy!

Speedy Deal Review

Our "Tinder-style" interface allows you to breeze through a stack of scout sourced deals. No more jumping between emails.

Scout Subscriptions

Found a scout that consistently sources top deals? Subscribe and get notified every time they source something new.

Risk-Free Deal Exposure

OpenScout is free for institutional investors. Get access to scout sourced dealflow with no risk.

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