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Getting honest feedback from founders is hard. Landscape changes that.

The traditional power dynamic that exists prevents founders from giving honest feedback on their interactions with you. Landscape Reviews will always stay anonymous to ensure founders are comfortable giving honest feedback and suggestions that you can turn into actions and improvements.

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Get your own unique review link and start gathering Verified Reviews. These will carry more weight than organic reviews from founders.


As a Verified Partner, you'll unlock the ability to respond to and engage with anonymous reviews submitted by founders.

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Take control over your Landscape profile and ensure anyone stopping by sees the most up to date information about your company.

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Thousands of founders use Landscape every month. If we come across a startup that we think suits your fund - we'll make the intro!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this cost anything? Icon

Does this cost anything?

Nope. Becoming a Landscape Verified Partner is totally free. You'll be able to edit your profile, respond to reviews, get notifications for new reviews, and much more.

What if we get a negative review? Icon

What if we get a negative review?

Look, from time to time, you are going to get negative reviews. As a Verified Partner you'll be able to respond to all reviews and we\’ll make sure you\’re given a heads up before they go on the platform.

Can Landscape help us get reviews? Icon

Can Landscape help us get reviews?

Absolutely, as soon as you become a Verified Partner, we'll get you set up with tips, tricks, and best practises to start getting reviews from founders you interact with immediately!

Can anyone leave a review on my profile? Icon

Can anyone leave a review on my profile?

Anyone who signs up to the Landscape site can go through our review process. Once submitted the review will go through a moderation process where we’ll ensure it’s genuine and is in line with our terms and conditions.

What if I have concerns about a review? Icon

What if I have concerns about a review?

We’ve added a “Report” function to all reviews. If you have any questions or concerns about a review on your profile you can contact us directly through that. We can also remove the review until all questions are answered.

How can I get more from my Landscape profile? Icon

How can I get more from my Landscape profile?

Our team is currently working with a select group of VCs to develop Landscape VP+, offering additional features which help you to collect more reviews and get more insight from them. Contact our Investor Relations team to find out more.

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