Changing the fundraising ecosystem guide.

Simple actions you can take that will help bring about change in the fundraising ecosystem.

We know lots of people want to see the startup fundraising ecosystem change but many don't know the best way of achieving this.

This is where Landscape comes in, providing a platform where founders and investors alike can achieve change in an anonymous, moderated, fair, transparent and efficacious way.

We wrote a post about the two most important ways individuals can bring about change here.

Simply put, change cannot be achieved without taking action and we appreciate that taking action is time & energy consuming. That's why we made the actions needed to bring about change as few, simple and as little time & energy consuming as possible.

However, there are several other ways you can help transform the fundraising ecosystem.

We created a little ‘Changing the ecosystem handbook’, detailing all the ways you can show your support and help bring about impactful, lasting and meaningful change. This includes;

  1. Leaving multiple reviews for the investors you’ve interacted with.
  2. Create a Landscape account.
  3. Spread the word.
  4. Refer founders/startup employees.
  5. Share our content & follow us on social media - LinkedIn & Twitter.
  6. Become a Landscape Ambassador.
  7. Become a Verified Partner (VP) (Investors only).
  8. Add Landscape's logo and/or your Landscape profile to your website and email signature.

Ultimately, your ability to do these things will depend on who you are and what you do.

To help you easily determine what you can do, we also created a post to show what actions you can take based on the title that best describes you; Founder, Investor, Startup Employee or Advisor/Mentor.

As you’ll see, there are plenty of ways you can help Landscape and show your support no matter who you are!

1. Leaving multiple reviews for the investors you’ve interacted with.

Leaving one review is great, leaving two reviews is even better, but leaving several reviews is the gold standard! After all, Rome wasn’t built with a brick (that’s the correct saying right?).

Reviews are what make Landscape Landscape. Without them, and without a sufficient number of them, we cannot help founders OR investors.

If you’ve interacted with one investor, it's likely you’ve interacted with multiple investors and are in a position to leave several reviews.

Any interaction with an investor, no matter how big or small, be it a phone call that proved futile or a relationship that ended in you raising a Series A, is worth its salt and qualifies for a review.

Photo by Cytonn Photography / Unsplash

As a result, if you can, the MOST VALUABLE thing you can do is leave reviews. The more you leave, the better!

We should mention here that a key facet of reviews is their ANONYMITY. We know that the main reason founders do not speak about bad investor experiences with is the worry of retaliation and the risk that criticism will harm their future prospects.

That's why we've spent a very, very long time working on the best ways to protect and ensure founder's anonymity. This is the most important thing for us at Landscape and something we'll always prioritise above anything else. (You can read more about our anonymity policy here, in addition to our verification and moderation processes here and here respectively).

You may also be in a position where you can leave reviews but, due to the fact you aren't raising, looking to raise in the future or some other reason, will not gain value from the reviews of others.

We can't dispute this and can only say that this is your opportunity to help others following in your founding footsteps. This is a chance to use your experiences and insight to guide and support others so that they might have a great experience.  

What might seem like an inconsequential, valueless review to you may prove to be the difference between a founder choosing an incredible investor and succeeding, or an investor who's a really bad fit and proves to be their demise.  

(Just in case you needed more persuading, not only do we plant a tree for every review you leave, but if you leave 10 reviews, we’ll send you an über cool, super eco-friendly Landscape T-shirt).

2. Create a Landscape account.

Creating an account is the easiest ways you can show your support for what Landscape is trying to accomplish and showcase your desire to improve the startup fundraising ecosystem.

People naturally suffer from FOMO (Fear of missing out). The more people with Landscape accounts, the more likely others will create an account, leave reviews and help founders.

Photo by Proxyclick Visitor Management System / Unsplash

3. Spread the word.

Tell people about us!

Bringing Landscape to the attention of founders, investors, startup employees or anyone involved in the startup ecosystem, raises awareness of who Landscape is and what we are accomplishing.

If they leave reviews or create an account, amazing!

Silhouette of a female holding a analog megaphone.
Photo by Patrick Fore / Unsplash

4. Refer founders/startup employees.

You might know founders/startup employees who have interacted with investors, or you’re an investor who has interacted with founders/startup employees yourself.

Rather than just telling them about us, actively encouraging them to leave reviews and create a Landscape account, and explaining why this matters, is an even better way of supporting us.

Photo by Omar Lopez / Unsplash

5. Share our content & follow us on social media.

We put out content daily across LinkedIn, Twitter and on this blog.

Retweeting and re-sharing this content is a great way of raising awareness about Landscape and, by extension, helping us help more people!

A retweet here and a re-share there is disproportionately more valuable to us than the effort required to do it.

Both my mother and I were trying to make time go faster. She was checking Twitter and I took photos of her, checking Twitter. What a time to be alive.
Photo by Marten Bjork / Unsplash

6. Become a Landscape Ambassador.

We’re always looking to partner with exceptional individuals who identify and align with Landscape’s mission. Our Ambassador programme is one of the key ways we do this.

Anyone can become an Ambassador and you do not need to have raised money.

In becoming an Ambassador, you’ll be showcasing your desire to help founders, give back to the startup community, improve the ecosystem and help promote Landscape’s mission. You can express an interest to become an Ambassador here.

7. Become a Verified Partner (VP) (Investors only).

As a VP, you’re not only signalling to the ecosystem that you support and align with Landscape’s mission, but you’re encouraging other investors to follow suit.

What’s more, becoming a VP helps increase the number of reviews on Landscape and thus the utility of the platform to founders and investors alike.

Internet/Safe/Wifi. Use this image for free. Check my profile.
Photo by Franck / Unsplash

8. Add Landscape's logo and/or your Landscape profile to your website and email signature.

If you’re in a position to do so, adding Landscape's  logo to your email signature and a link to your Landscape profile is an easy way you can support us.

Photo by Element5 Digital / Unsplash
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