Become a Landscape Verified Partner

VCs and Accelerators can now join Landscape as a Verified Partner, to get the most out of our review platform and community. Join us today!

Our goal is to increase fairness, accessibility and transparency in fundraising. To do that, Landscape needs to be a fair and honest platform that reflects the startup investment space. To achieve anything short of that would see Landscape provide little to no value to any of our stakeholders. And who wants that?

Landscape exists to level the fundraising playing field. But that doesn't mean investors, accelerators or other startup support providers need to worry about what we're building. Landscape is your friend! To create value for the ecosystem, our platform and community needs everyone to work together.

With this in mind, we are launching the Landscape Verified Partner (VP) scheme. The scheme is open to any VCs and accelerators.

VPs have access to features and privileges that help them maximise the Landscape platform and community.

Verified Reviews

VPs are provided with a unique portfolio referral link. Completed reviews via the referral link are anonymous, as are all Landscape Reviews, but they will have a verified badge attached to them.

Verified reviews carry more weight than unverified reviews when calculating a Landscape rating, and will be highlighted on a Landscape profile.

Verified reviews provide an excellent opportunity to gather and publicise feedback from the companies you have helped build. Identify your champions and ensure that your Landscape profile shows a true representation of how you support your portfolio.

Partner Community

VPs have access to the Landscape invite-only Partners community group. This is an exclusive area in our community that's reserved for our VPs.

We want to build Landscape for the whole ecosystem. Founders and investors. The Partners community group provides direct access to the Landscape team. You'll also have first look opportunities as we develop new features, voting rights on feature requests and much more.

Profile Control

As a VP, you have the ability to edit your Landscape public profile. You can submit change requests to any of the information on your profile, and specify ways for founders to contact you.

Your profile will also contain a VP badge, signalling to the community that you are working alongside Landscape to bring more transparency to the fundraising ecosystem.

Insights Newsletter

VPs have access to our Partner Insights newsletter.

While all Landscape Reviews are anonymous, the Partner Insights newsletter shares trends and insights from the data we generate across the platform.

What Else?

We're keen to build the best Landscape we can; the most useful Landscape to the community.

Do you have a feature request, or would you like to see another benefit to the VP scheme? We'd love to hear from you.

Landscape works best when we all work together.Let's collaborate to create the best Landscape.

To learn more about Landscape and the platform we're building, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter.

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