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Angel Club provides angels of all size and experience levels with easy access to top quality startups to invest in, Educational Content on becoming a better investor, and a community of likeminded investors.

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Deals for Angel Club are sourced by our network of global venture scouts. From exited founders, prolific angels, or community leaders, 200+ of Europes top talent-spotter in early stage venture share their dealflow with Angel Club.

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Everytime a landscape scout sources a new company, they'll be added straight to your deal stack. Log in and easily work through your deal stack on a weekly basis.

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Easily Identify Opportunities with S/EIS
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Discover deals with lead investors
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Deals shared with Angel Club are sourced by a network of 200+ highly vetted venture scouts, ensuring a high quality, consistent flow of exciting startups to invest in.

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Europes top talent-spotters in early stage venture share their dealflow with Angel Club

Alex Macdonald

Exited Founder, Angel Investor in 40+ Startups, LP in SpeedInvest.

James Mcclure

Ex-AirBnB, Google, Adzuna. Angel Investor in 20+ startups.

Francesca James

Founder of Great British Entrepreneurs Awards & Ideas Fest.

Matt Russell

Founded Namecheap, and grew to $100mARR. Angel Investor.

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Matt Shaw

“Finally a place where I can be real with how my founder journey is going. A safe spot i'm not afraid to commiserate the downs, and celebrate the ups, safe in the knowledge my identity is safe.”

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Every month, get access to the syndicated opportunities hand picked by the Landscape team. Invest with tickets as small as $1k in amazing startups.

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